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More about Super visa insurance cost

October 13, 2020

If you have children and grandchildren settled in abroad, you want to visit them occasionally. If you have children and grandchildren settled in abroad, you want to visit them occasionally. However, the homogeneous amount of documentation and approvals forces you to restrict it to a single time and the most two visits. In 2011, the government of Canada presented a new insurance scheme that is parent super visa insurance. It also covers the unexpected medical expenses while residing in Canada. It also pays up if you fall sick on a side trip if the majority of the time period spent in Canada. With a validity of ten years, there are fewer hassles in planning a trip to Canada. You can visit the country for up to two years per visit without having to renew your status during these ten years. It authorized multi-entries into the country. Here we are helping you in knowing that who are eligible to apply for Super Visa Insurance, please check the below-mentioned points:

  • You have to go through medical assessment and have to clear all your health justification.
  • You must be applicable to every entry to Canada.
  • You have to also provide the evidence of the parent/grandparent relationship to the Canadian citizen you are visiting. Proper relationship proof needs to be there.
  • There must be proof of Private Medical Insurance from any Canadian Insurance Company.
  • That medical insurance needs to be valid for a minimum of one year from the date you are going to enter Canada.
  • It should cover the candidate for health care, repatriation, and hospitalization.
  • The insurance must provide a minimum amount of $100,000 coverage.
  • It also must be valid for each entry to Canada.
  • Examination officer can review your insurance at any time they want to upon request.
  • Letter of Invitation should be there from the host for your entire duration you are going to stay in Canada.
  • There must be proof of the income of the host as well.

Once Super Visa insurance is approved, your passport will be stamped and all your original documents will be returned. If your application is not approved for some reason, it will be returned to you with a letter of explanation. If you would like some help applying for your Parent Super Visa insurance, you can visit the Visitor Assurance website as well. They can also help you process your application faster, making sure there are fewer roadblocks in the approval process.